William Hefner’s expertise in architecture and deep appreciation for interior design and landscape often culminatesin the three merging seamlessly—environments emerge which embrace outdoor views animated by anever–shifting play of natural light; the rooms connect organically to the furnishings within them. By combining these disciplines within his firm, he is able to ensure that each distinct design concept integrates with one another andthat the vision of the homeowner is entirely expressed. William Hefner’s studio embraces the key elements of minimal design while connecting indoor and outdoor spaces by using the following:

William Hefner founded his architectural office in Los Angeles, California in 1989 with the intent of bringing the discipline and quality of commercial modernism to smaller projects. His projects have included private residences, office and residential interiors, restau–rants, and retail buildings. At Studio William Hefner, we have developed a practice that fully integrates architecture and interior design into a seamless process. Our process is unique in that it begins inside the home and works its way out to the gardens beyond.