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F*!$ body shaming.

Eat Like A Girl Campaign

Women are constantly reminded how they are idealized by the media, men and celebrities. Many admit to being scared of eating messy or unhealthy food because of the society stereotyping womens’ eating habits. Eat Like A Girl is promoted by a hand-lettered placemat for women to take photos with on social media and for NYC restaurants to sponsor weekly.

Fight Back!

Our “Fight Back” line consists of womens’ apparel with bold statements about women and eating. Each shirt is designed with a different and unique pattern, so no shirt is the same. Five percent of each Fight Back item sold goes to the National Eating Disorders Association. Let’s conquer this stereotype together.

Instagram Forum

An insight from our Instagram followers.

“I was blown away by the Fight Back apparel. It is definitely nothing I’ve seen before in stores. I enjoyed that some proceeds went to the National Eating Disorders Association. I look so cute in the tees! #OOTD #eatlikeagirl.”

Samantha Smith

Stay at Home Mom

“A nearby restaurant in NYC sponsored the placemat for a day and I was suprised on how many women appreciated it. It definitely had a positive impact on that restaurant for the rest of the week.”

Abby Lee

 Fashion Designer

“As a man, I was surprised to see such a touchy subject treated so well. My girlfriend scrolled upon the hashtag #eatlikeagirl and she showed me. The placemat is really well done and encouraged her to get a burger with me on football Sunday!”

Marcus Freeman


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